Why Horses

Most humans are experiential learners - we learn by doing.  When learning occurs in the body, we learn faster, retain longer, and are able to access the information, even under stress. 

Horses offer the opportunity to practice new skills with the advantage of their practical, real-time feedback. This dynamic accelerates your learning and allows you to effectively integrate new skills. 

When you build a relationship with a horse, you will:
  • increase self awareness
  • create a window into yourself as others see you
  • improve communication with others
  • build and strengthen your presence and personal power
  • identify leadership characteristics and how to apply them
  • recognize and manage team dynamics and structures

Because 90% of communication is non-verbal, we miss a significant amount of information focusing on the words.  Horses are experts in non-verbal communication and are therefore able to cut through the verbal gymnastics, reflecting the true conversation behind the words.
Their survival depends on being part of highly organized, fluid, and complex herds.  As such, horses are acutely aware and able to intuit the emotional states of those around them.  This allows them to be accurate and objective barometers of our authenticy, leadership, presence, and personal power so that we raise our awareness and effectiveness.

Horses are not bound by our social norms and will tell you what another human may not be willing or able to say. Because they don’t make judgments, we inherently trust them and are able to hear feedback you may not be able to hear from another human.

Through the eyes of a horse... there is no "should", no "have to", no question of your worthiness.  They see who you really are, and accept you.  In this way, they are uniquely able to accelerate and deepen your growth.

The horses bring their fun-loving nature as they volunteer to act as a mirror to our emotions and our behaviors.  They support the learning of the human clients by utilizing their innate skills of awareness, intention and absolute presence in the moment.   Leveraging these, the horses reconnect people with the power of their own innate wisdom.  From that still place of possibility, comes clarity and true empowerment of the self.

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“I hear and I forget. 
I see and I remember. 
I do and I understand.”

EquiSpire Coaching
"Clarity of intentions has a significant and direct impact on outcomes."
~EquiSpire Client

"What you do
speaks so loud
that I cannot hear
what you say.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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