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Dark Moon of Rohan
"Rohan" is a stunning brown Percheron / Thoroughbred cross.  Formally known as “Brownie” in his start on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, Rohan is the epitome of leadership, strength and intelligence.  He is the head of our herd, along with the lead mare, Grace.
Just as each person has specific perspectives, gifts and life experiences, so does each animal.  And, we seek teachers with whom we are most comfortable, therefore, able to learn from most effectively. 

Our horse friends offer their widely varied personalities, styles and energy, ensuring you find a good fit for your style and learning opportunity.
In their innocence and wisdom,
in their connection to the earth
and its most ancient rhythms,
animals show us a way back to a
home they have never left.”
  ~ Susan Chernak McElroy
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Aspen's Grace
“Grace” is a draft mare with a fiery red coat and a sweetness beyond words.  Born in Canada, she spent three years in Washington before coming to be with us.  She is an inspiration and an expression of pure beauty.
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EquiSpire Coaching
Advanced Edition
Magic man "Dijon", is a gray Shire / Thoroughbred cross who melts everyone’s heart - he is quietly powerful, handsome, and deeper than the ocean.  Affectionately known as “Dijon”, he was born in NJ and trained as a dressage horse before finding his love as our official nap leader!
Fairly Decked Out
A classic Appaloosa in appearance, “Jake” is a truth teller; he is a court jester that can speak the truth to the court with a smile on his face.  His "decorations" are stunning and would make the Nez Perce proud.  His sense of humor is contagious.
High Sierra Sun
"Sierra" is beautiful - inside and out.  She is a registered Quarter Horse who has brought a wholeness to the herd.  She is generous, patience and kind.  We are grateful for her quiet wisdom and open heart. 
Count's Free Spirit
"Jewel" is a black Tennessee Walker mare with remarkable intelligence, sensitivity, and depth.  She is an integral part of our inter-species partnership.  Her spirit is a gift to us and rounds out the herd with joy and gratitude.
Black Forest Dream
Our beloved friend "Forest" passed on in August, 2013.  He was a regal old man with a heart as big as the Universe.  He was buried with a smile on his face and all of our love around him.  
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