experienced a set back, or extreme success, requiring re-prioritization
work and life are out of balance and too complicated
striving to be more effective and more satisfied
self-management, organization and decision making could be improved
knowledge, skill or confidence gap
more balance, joy, peace of mind, simplicity, quality of life
less stress, financial pressure, confusion

Question: Does the coach tell me what to do?
Answer: The client defines all of the goals and focus for you or your team.  The coach is specially trained to listen in specific ways, to ask questions, make observations and provide concepts and principles which can assist in generating possibilities and identifying actions.

Question: Is Coaching like Therapy?
Answer: The emphasis of coaching is on action, accountability and follow through.  In this relationship, the client is the expert who defines all goals and outcomes; the coach does not have any expectations of the client other than they do what is most important to them. 

While coaching supports personal and professional growth and development based on the pursuit of specific actionable outcomes, therapy focuses on healing pain, dysfunction and conflict. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past which hamper an individual's emotional functioning in the present. Coaching is focused on forward moving, thinking, feeling, being and doing.  
Coaching is founded on the belief we are all creative and resourceful, and inherently hold the answers we need to thrive in our own unique way.  Accessing that wisdom often requires practice, as well as an objective view point.


Question: What is the advantage to Equine Inspired Coaching?
Answer: Think of it as "swimming with the dolphins on land!"  The most significant advantage to you is the opportunity to explore and practice new skills in a supportive environment with real-time feedback.  You don't have to wait for the situation to arise in your daily life to practice a skill you talked about in a session - we create the scenario so that you can explore and hone the skills.  That means that the learning is greatly accelerated and can be transferred directly to your life when you leave each session.

Question: How do the horses participate?  What do the horses do?
Answer: The horses interact with you in a myriad of ways, depending on the scenario and whether the session is structured or un-structured.  A series of simple exercises such as putting on a halter, leading and grooming the horses create fantastic opportunities for learning.  For instance, if you are not focused, the horses may want to walk away from them.  The human facilitator participates as a translator and as a guide to help you make meaning of the experiences. Please read about why the horses make the program so effective.  

Question: Do I have to ride?
Answer: Absolutely not! Our horse partners interact with you as a participant in the activities which are done mostly on the ground. As the sessions progress, and as you build confidence and trust with the horses, a horse may suggest riding under direct supervision as a way of guiding you to a deeper awareness.

Question: Is it true that the horse will know I am afraid? 
Answer: The horse will know you are afraid, angry, or sad, even if you do not.  That is a piece of the power of collaborating with a partner whose skills are so drastically different than your own.  It is also one of the most profound strengths of the approach.

Question: Do I need to wear anything in particular?
Answer: For Equine Inspired Coaching, no special equipment is required. Participants should wear long pants (jeans), protective closed toe shoes, and a shirt. Otherwise, dress appropriately to be inside and outside - layers are encouraged in the winter and sunscreen all year round.

If you have a question that we have not answered, please contact us.  We would be happy to talk more with you.

Question: What is Coaching?
Answer: Coaching is a powerfully creative process of self-discovery that helps you maximize your personal and professional potential.  Coach and client co-create a  partnership based on trust, confidentiality and mutual respect.  The focus is on deepening your learning and raise your awareness, empowering you to make new choices and lasting change. 

Rachel supports you in discovering your deepest truth, motivations and purpose.  Once you know what is most important to you, you are empowered to make choices that will help you achieve extraordinary results, including increased fulfillment.

Rachel is your advocate and guide to elicit your wisdom through thought provoking questions, reflections, acknowledgment and visioning.  Her role is to remain focused on your goals while encouraging and inspiring you to challenge yourself for the next level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Question: Why would I go to a coach?
Answer: Coaching is powerful tool to gain awareness, clarity and create change in your life.  As such, there are many reasons you or your team may choose to work with a coach.  Those may include: 
searching for direction, clarity and purpose
challenged with life or career transitions
need for accelerated results
motivated to achieve a specific goal
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"The greatest good you can do
for another is not just
share your riches,
but reveal to them their own."
~ Benjamin Disraeli
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"I have more energy and remember that the being in the moment is as important as accomplishing the task at hand."
~EquiSpire Client
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